Characteristics of the direction of finance

Finance is indeed a slightly less popular direction than administration or management, but it also enjoys considerable interest from high school graduates. He deals more closely with the most important issues regarding the financial market both in UK and in other countries around the world. In this field, the student receives knowledge in the fields of economics, finance, accounting, law, management, as well as information technology, which currently support the work of contemporary financiers. In addition to several subjects related to the social sciences, most require counting, analyzing and comparing numbers, and then drawing logical conclusions and formulations.

Bachelor studies in finance

In order to become a qualified financier, the studies should begin with first-cycle studies, ie undergraduate studies. Education in the field of finance lasts three years, and during this time the student can gain not only professional theoretical knowledge, but also acquire many valuable skills, related to analyzing the basic micro and macroeconomic phenomena of enterprises or assessing the financial condition of households, institutions and offices. What’s more, after graduation, the graduate also has specialist knowledge that allows analyzing phenomena occurring on global financial markets. The end of education at a three-year first-cycle study in finance is synonymous with a job defense. A bachelor’s thesis and a diploma with good grades opens the door to a career, giving the opportunity to take up a job as a financier, financial agent, financial advisor, bank supervisor, etc.

Finances – job prospects

After graduating in finance and defending thesis thesis you can look, among others:

  • in financial and non-financial institutions both in UK and European Union member states,
  • in operational, analytical and managerial positions in companies, tax authorities, budgetary institutions and banks,
  • as a financier in an auditing company or a consulting office,
  • as a specialist in the financial sector,
  • as an insurance agent, financial assistant, financial advisor, real estate agent, bank supervisor, etc.

Bachelor’s thesis in the field of finance – help in writing

Bachelor’s thesis, especially in the field of finance and accounting, is quite a challenge. This type of study should address financial issues, constituting a coherent whole in terms of content, language, stylistics and formal. It should consist of two parts: theoretical-methodological and empirical. The first part should contain an analysis of the problem based on the selected subject literature and the characteristics of the research method used, while the second part should present a solution to the practical problem related to a specific study object.

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So far, we have helped students create bachelor’s theses, among others from such areas of finance and accounting as financial markets, financial accounting, micro and macroeconomics, econometrics, public finances, corporate financing, banking, monetary policy, management accounting, investment portfolio, credit institution management and insurance .

The scope of help in writing a BA thesis includes:

  • selection of the topic – if you have not decided on a particular topic, our editors will help you find a topic tailored to your individual preferences and interests,
  • drawing up a work plan – we will propose you a work plan, and we will discuss what substantive scope will be developed by each of the planned chapters and sub-chapters,
  • preparation of the content of the work – our team of editors will prepare for you a chapter by chapter in which you will have an insight so that we can apply any comments and suggestions on a regular basis,
  • completing other elements, such as bibliography, footnotes, introduction, ending and a list of drawings, tables, photos, legal acts, etc. used in the work.

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Bachelor’s finances – examples of topics

1. Electronic banking – opportunities, threats, perspectives.

Bachelor’s thesis discussing the most important aspects related to electronic banking, consisting of four chapters: the characteristics of the Internet and the electronic market, creation and development of electronic banking, tools and services of electronic banking and further development prospects in the English banking sector. Issues that can be addressed at work: place of the global network in the modern economy, electronic payment systems, telephone banking services, electronic banking security.

2. Financial analysis of the company on a chosen example.

Bachelor’s thesis containing a detailed financial analysis of the company on any chosen example. A study consisting of four chapters: objectives, subject and methods of the company’s financial analysis, a brief description of the company under study, the general nature of the company’s operations and results, analysis of the financial, property and profitability of the company.

3. Implementation of the Banking Supervision function in UK.

Work on the implementation of the Banking Supervision function in UK. The study consists of three chapters: banking supervision in highly developed countries, banking supervision in UK and adjustment processes of English banking supervision regulations to European Union regulations. Examples of issues raised at work: reasons for the introduction of banking supervision, capital adequacy ratio, standards for the creation of banks, tasks and powers of banking supervision.

4. The development of the payment card market in UK.

Master’s thesis addressing issues related to the development of the payment card market in UK, consisting of three chapters: creation and development of payment cards (historical outline, payment card systems and their essence), analysis of types of payment cards (construction and security of payment cards, ATM cards, rebates, prepaid, debit and credit cards) as well as payment card settlement systems (cash settlements, non-cash settlements, and ATM future).

5. Bank products.

Master’s thesis on the issues of banking products, including four chapters: the banking system in the market economy, service of current and economic activities, credit as the basic banking product and adaptation of the banking system to EU standards. Examples of issues raised at work: the role of the bank in the economy, tasks of banking supervision, placement of funds, handling transactions, rules for granting loans.

6. Conditions and consequences of flat tax in UK.

Master’s thesis describing the conditions and consequences of using a flat tax, consisting of four chapters: the essence of the tax system and elements of tax technique, the evolution of the tax system in UK at the turn of the century, a flat tax in the English tax system and the most important consequences resulting from the application flat tax in UK.

7. The role of foreign capital in financing a small company in UK.

Work on the role of foreign capital in financing small business in UK. The study consists of three chapters: selected theoretical aspects of financing enterprises (own and foreign sources of financing, capital structure – definition), characteristics of small businesses (organizational forms, importance in the economic system, etc.), external sources of financing of small companies in UK ( bank loans, leasing, support from loan funds).

8. Problem of testing the bank’s creditworthiness.

Master’s thesis on the issues of the bank’s creditworthiness assessment, including four chapters: credit risk underlying the creditworthiness test, the specificity and creditworthiness rating, the process of creditworthiness analysis preceding granting the loan (loan documentation, ratio analysis, loan security) and credit monitoring (concept, functions and organization of credit monitoring).

9. Assessment of the financial condition of an example enterprise.

A work which is an attempt to assess financial condition on the example of a selected enterprise. The study consists of three chapters, and exemplary issues discussed at work are: characteristics of financial statements, the essence and purpose of the company’s financial analysis, assessment of the property and capital structure, debt assessment indices, indicators of the business performance assessment.

10. Securing online transactions.

Master’s thesis on the issues of securing internet transactions, consisting of four chapters: digital identification methods (description of systems based on passwords, locations and objects), identification using digital signatures and certificates (digital certificates, construction and types of certificates), electronic money and protection firewall type (firewall operation, construction and types, internal and external firewall).